Apple Macbook Logic board Repair

Looking to repair the Logic board for Apple Macbook? Then you have come to the right place. The replacement cost of Apple Macbook logic board is very high and it is wise to repair the logic board than replace. Fonecare specialises in logic board repairs of all Apple Macbook models. Therefore in the future, think hard prior to changing the logic-board of your APPLE macbook. Simply do the repair as they can be repaired.

Our company make use of 100% Authentic spares when it comes to logic-board repairs. We've got required expertise and also tools and equipments to perform Apple Macbook logic board repairs. We have all the spares required for logic board repairs well in stock.

We offer free pickup drop service for any Apple Macbook repairs all accross Mumbai and all accros India. Just give us a call on our Helpline No : 022 43453333, we will pickup the Apple Macbook from your place, and deliver back to you after batteryreplacement the very next DAY.


Apple Macbook Logic Board  Repair Form

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