Iphone Battery Replacement

Having trouble with your Iphone battery like battery not charging, battery discharges fast, battery dead, the your Iphone needs Battery replacement. Unlike other mobile phones, it is not very easy to replace Iphone battery on your own. It requires special tools and skill to open Iphone and replace battery. We suggest not to try battery replacement on your own if you do not have that skill and required tools and equipments

Fonecare provides battery replacement services for Iphone. All our battery are of very high quality and will give battery life like original. We have suffcient skillset and special tools and equipments required for battery replacement.

We offer free pickup drop service for your Iphone battery replacement. Just give us a call on our Helpline No : 022 43453333, we will pickup the Iphone from your place, and deliver back to you after batteryreplacement the very next DAY.

Your Iphone Battery replacement cost starts from Rs.900/- onwards* (depending on model)



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