Ipad Repairs in Mumbai & all accross India

ipad repairs mumbaiHaving problem with your Ipad? Looking for a reliable and authentic Ipad service center in your Town? You have come to right place. Fonecare is the best service center for Ipad repairs located in Mumbai and presence in all major cities and towns in India.

Fonecare specialises in repairs of all models of Ipad - Ipad 5S, Ipad 5G, Ipad 5, Ipad 4S, Ipad 4, Ipad 3GS, Ipad 3G and Ipad 2G. Ipad repair requires a special set of tools and equipments. It also requires a skilled and certified techinicans. Fonecare has latest tools and equipments required for repairs of Ipad. Fonecare also has a  team of well skilled, properly trained and certified techinicians who are capable of repairing all your Ipads and with utmost care.

So next time you have a problem with your beloved Ipad, do not get tempted to show it to a local repair shop. They will further damage your Ipad and you will never be able to repair that Ipad further. Please give us a call on our Help line number and we would be glad to help you.

Fonecare offers Free* pickup drop facility for repairs of all Ipad models. Give us a call on our helpline no - 022 4343333, we will get your Ipad pickup up, get it repaired at our repair factory and deliver back to you after repairs. It is so easy....


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